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Representing Taxidermists across the UK

Why Join the Guild of Taxidermists?

We have 2 membership levels available at the Guild of Taxidermists, depending on your requirements: Full,  and Junior. Find out more and join today.

Being part of the Guild of Taxidermists has many benefits, some of which are:

Legal Assistance

  • Legal insurance, with up to £100,000 – legal defence costs.  (This only covers costs in test cases and not a flagrant breach of legislation.)
  • Our legal team works hard on behalf of members, consulting with government departments and conservation bodies to ensure your interests as taxidermists are properly represented. This is even more important with BREXIT coming up as we need a strong voice.
  • Members in England can “hold” otters in their freezers.


Demonstration at Taxidermist conference

  • We hold annual conferences with tutorials often presented by world class taxidermists, trade stands, historical lectures, a large amount of the UK’s best taxidermy on show and a fantastic opportunity to network with other people in the taxidermy world.  
  • Members are allowed discounts to attend our conferences and other seminars and have the opportunity to have their work constructively critiqued to help them improve and submitted for credits which is the only recognised qualification in the UK. 

Exclusive Website Access

Taxidermist Website

  • Use of “members only” area of our website, including resource library and forums covering a wide range of subjects where you can gain very helpful advice and knowledge. 
  • Get to know other Taxidermists, drop in and introduce yourself - you are sure to get a warm welcome from like-minded people with new ideas and tips.

Read the Taxidermist Journal

Taxidermist Journal

  • Receive copies of our annual journal, Taxidermist, which is filled with interesting articles, conference reports, book reviews, interviews and trade advertisements.
  • Exclusive access to all the past journals
  • Keep up to date with all things related to Taxidermy through our newsletters and emails.

Expand your Taxidermy Knowledge

  • Attend our annual conference and learn from world-class taxidermists during lectures, workshops, and seminars.  
  • Network with fellow professionals. Attain the only taxidermy qualifications recognised in the UK and earn credits to become a specialist or master in your particular category.

Get  Listed

Taxidermy exibit of fish

The Guild hold a list of members so that institutions and individuals looking to buy or commission quality taxidermy, can easily find an Accredited Member.

Take part in the Annual Challenge

The competition is designed to be fun, educational, and rewarding for the competitors and for those watching as the anonymous mounts are judged.

The entries are judged on anatomical accuracy, copying the pose in the challenge photo, species shape, correctness of fur or feather pattern and craftsmanship – in other words, all the elements seen in the live animal and contained in the reference photo. Groundwork is not judged.

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