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Representing Taxidermists across the UK

The Constitution of the Guild of Taxidermists


The group shall be called The GUILD OF TAXIDERMISTS (hereinafter called “The GUILD") and shall operate in the British Isles.


The Guild is precluded from distributing any profits it makes. Further, that any profits made from the provision of education or vocational training will be used for the continuation of such events or supplies.

To raise and maintain the professional status and standards of taxidermy and to encourage national and international cooperation, collection and dissemination of information between all interested in taxidermy. To encourage training including discussion and demonstrations in taxidermy techniques, the circulation of exhibitions of high standard and the provision of information relating to taxidermy for the public, to promote public interest in taxidermy within the British Isles. The GUILD shall represent the interest of members to:
a)      The Museum Association
b)      National and local Government Departments.


Membership of the GUILD shall be open to individuals at the discretion of the Executive Committee.
a) Personal Membership is open to any individual interested in the objects of the GUILD
b) Junior Membership is available to those aged 17 and under.
c) Accredited/Specialist membership - members may qualify for Accredited/specialist membership by submitting six or more examples of work of the required standard outlined separately.
d) Honorary Life Membership – Honorary life membership may be conferred on any person for recognition of outstanding services to the GUILD and its aims who may be elected by the Executive Committee. Honorary Life members do not have a vote.
e) International Membership is open to supporters from outside the U.K. who wish to receive the GUILD Journal & Newsletter only.  International members do not have a vote
f) New Members- For new members there shall be a probationary period of one year, after which they may be ratified by the Executive Committee as full members of the GUILD. During this probationary period they will be ineligible for election as Officers or Committee members.
g) Lapsed Membership – If you are no longer a member of the GUILD you will lose your credits and status. This would be implemented after membership has lapsed for one year. To have your credits and other qualifications reinstated would be subject to a written appeal to the Committee.


Subscriptions to the GUILD will be determined by the Annual General Meeting in any year and the subscriptions are due Annually. Any member whose subscriptions is twelve months in arrears will be reported to the Committee and unless the Committee decides otherwise, will be removed from membership.


There shall be at least an Annual General Meeting in any year. At any General meeting where business is to be transacted, TEN voting members shall constitute a quorum.
The Chair at a General meeting shall be taken by The Chair, in their absence by the Vice Chair; Immediate Past Chair or The Chair Elect. Should none of these officers be present, the meeting shall elect its own Chair. The Chair’s decision shall be final in the conduct of the meeting. No member may have more than one vote. The Chair to have the casting vote if necessary.
General meetings are open only to fully paid up members of the GUILD, plus Honorary Life Members on an advisory capacity only


a)The Committee shall consist of the Officers and SIX elected members, At least two of which should be Accredited or Specialist members). 
When appropriate, the election of officers and committee members are to be held at the Annual General meeting. Members of the Committee shall be elected for a period of THREE years, upon retirement they shall be eligible for re-election.
b) A vacancy on the Committee shall be filled by the candidate with the next highest number of votes at the last election or, in the event of there being no such candidate, the vacancy shall be filled at the next AGM.
c)The Committee shall have the power to co-opt other members to the committee in an advisory capacity. Co-opted members will be invited to participate fully at committee meetings but will have no voting rights. The Position of Co-opted members will be reviewed annually.


The Officers of the GUILD shall consist of:- CHAIR; CHAIR ELECT; (both positions being chosen by and from the existing Committee) IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR; HONORARY SECRETARY; HONORARY TREASURER; EDITOR; MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY and LEGAL ADMINISTRATOR, all of whom must be members of The GUILD.  Additionally, the office of CONFERENCE ORGANISER will be drawn from the Committee or membership as deemed necessary by the Committee on an annual basis. (This office will carry no voting rights on any other committee matter).
The CHAIR shall hold office for up to THREE years subject to a vote of approval by the other Officers and Elected members once during each year of the Chairpersons office.


    a) The Committee shall meet once a month via conference call and at other such times as The Chair may direct. Notice concerning the meetings, together with the agenda shall be sent to each Officer and member of the Committee at least 24 hours before the each meeting. In the event of any fixed meeting being cancelled, notice of the cancellation shall be sent to every Officer and Elected Member.
    b) A special meeting of the Committee shall be called with FOURTEEN days of the receipt by the Honorary Secretary, of a requisition in writing, signed by THREE members of the Committee stating a reason for such a meeting. No other business may be Transacted at such a meeting.
    c) The quorum at any meeting of the Committee shall be SIX.


      Notice of the Annual General meeting of The GUILD shall be given at least TWENTY EIGHT days prior to that meeting. Each member of the GUILD shall receive :-
      1. Agenda
      2. Nomination papers
      3. The nomination day will be clearly defined on the nomination papers.
      4. Each candidate nominated must be proposed by one member and seconded by another.  Nominations duly sent and accompanied by a declaration of acceptance by the nominee, must be delivered to the Honorary Secretary not later than 12 noon on the fourteenth day prior to the Annual General meeting. 
      5. In the event of two or more candidate being nominated for any one vacancy, the Honorary Secretary shall send a voting paper to each member of the GUILD who shall return this to the Honorary Secretary prior to the commencement of the Annual General Meeting.
      6. In the event of any position not being filled at the Annual General Meeting, it will be dealt with at the next General Meeting. In the interim, any duties will be carried out by the Committee.
      7. All FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS OF THE GUILD attending the Annual General Meeting shall be entitled to ONE vote in respect of each vacancy to be filled. Members not attending the AGM will be entitled to a postal vote. The voting paper must be received by the Honorary Secretary by the Date specified. Failure to comply with this provision will invalidate that members vote.
      8. The Honorary Secretary shall, with the assistance of two tellers to be nominated by the meeting especially to count the number of votes, shall declare the candidates for vacancies on the committee who have received the greatest number of votes, to be elected.

        An Extraordinary meeting of the GUILD shall be called with TWENTY-EIGHT days of the receipt by the Honorary Secretary, of a requisition in writing, signed by at least TWELVE members stating a reason for such a meeting. No other business may be Transacted at such a meeting.

          Membership of the GUILD may be withdrawn upon a majority vote of the Executive Committee from any member found to bringing the GUILD or the profession as a whole into disrepute. A person whose membership has been withdrawn may not attend any GUILD function, however they may re-apply for membership of the GUILD after a minimum period of TWO years

            The GUILD shall not be used for furthering commercial interests in the form of advertising except by fully paid up ACCREDITED or SPECIALIST members, subject to approval by the Committee.

            SUB COMMITTEES

            The Committee may appoint such sub committees for any purpose for which it may think necessary and such a Sub-Committee shall have the power to co-opt members, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Standing Sub-Committees may be appointed by the Committee.


              These rules may be amended by simple majority vote at an Annual General Meeting providing the proposer and seconder of such amendments have given the details to the Honorary Secretary at least SIX weeks prior to the said Annual General meeting or Extraordinary General meeting.

                WINDING UP OF THE GUILD

                The GUILD may only be wound up when at least two thirds of the membership vote in favour of such resolution. If the GUILD is to be dissolved any remaining funds, after audit, may be used for such museum purposes as the Committee see fit.
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